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4 Social Media Marketing Trends Small Businesses Must Know

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The social media landscape is one that is forever evolving.

What may have worked for your social media strategy just 12 months ago could end up being outdated in just a few weeks' time.

A great way to stay ahead of the game is to keep a watchful eye on social media marketing trends and what's predicted to bring business success this 2018.

With trends such as customizable chatbots, social listening tools, and Instagram stories, here are the top four social media trends to look out for this year...

1. Capitalizing on Brand Mentions

Now more than ever, brands across the globe are sitting up and taking notice of the power of social media engagement.

In today's world, the connection between brands and the consumer has never been more important and impactful. When it comes to personal accomplishments, millennials are shaping engagement with their social media posts and brand mentions.

The shout-out has become a powerful brand marketing tool on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This is where marketers need to focus their attention this 2018.

Brands are encouraged to respond to mentions, increase their engagement and create meaningful relationships with their consumers.

This engagement is creating a trusted network where customers know they can reach you, keeping your consumer happy.

2. Personalized Chatbots

Staying on top of your customer engagement this 2018 is paramount to maintaining the recognition of your brand.

This is where personalized chatbots are your answer to both successful and meaningful consumer engagement.

Customizable chatbots now offer personalized chat experiences to your customers, allowing you to respond in real-time. Popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik and WhatsApp have become powerful chatbot platforms in recent years.

Marketers are encouraged to focus on integrating customizable chatbots to allow for specific feedback to meet consumer demand.

3. Social Listening Tools

The practice of social listening is based on tracking specific words, brand mentions and reviews across social media platforms.

Marketers then use the popularity of certain words, brand mentions and reviews as tools to create specific content.

Social listening tools also allow marketers to track the performance of their brand across social media and gather information about how their audience reacts to the brand.

Ultimately, social listening tools allow marketers to offer better customer care, create engaging content and release more impactful marketing campaigns to their consumers.

4. Instagram Stories

The popularity and growth of Instagram stories throughout 2017 says plenty about its power as a social media marketing tool.

2018 is the year to leverage the power of Instagram stories, with users now spending 7-13 minutes longer on Instagram because of this new feature.

As a business, it's important to invest in a platform where your consumers spend most of their time.

Marketers are encouraged to understand, research and fully integrate Instagram stories into their social media strategy this 2018.

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