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5 Things To Do for Capturing & Keeping The Attention of Site Visitors

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Did you know that most website visitors are on your site for less than 15 seconds? Do you think you can show them everything your business has to offer AND convince them to book right away within those 15 seconds? It's very unlikely, which is why we've gathered 5 Things To Do for Capturing & Keeping The Attention of Site Visitors. Do your business a favor, and keep reading on.

1. Is it attractive?

There are male birds that puff their chest, show off colorful feathers, and hop around to attract a female. Essentially, your site needs to do the same thing. If you're reading this, chances are you are in the tourism industry - so right from the start, your website needs to be as exciting as your tours. To capture visitors' attention and keep them on your website for over 15 seconds, your site needs to be attractive and feature interesting content. Try implementing a video or interesting graphics, but remember to not go overboard.

2. How fast does your site load?

If your site loads slowly, you are in big trouble. As website developers, we see this problem so incredibly often. Websites tend to include large files such as pictures, videos, and graphics that are not optimized for the web, and it causes their website to load at an alarmingly slow pace. If a site hasn't loaded within 6-8 seconds, you can bet that you're losing out on-site visitors.

3. Are your booking options clear?

The last thing that a person looking to book a tour wants to do is search through your site and navigation to book! Your website should have clear (and almost obnoxious) booking buttons on every single page! If you offer multiple tours, have a button on that tour. Make the process smooth and simple for your site visitors, and even implement an optimized booking flow to increase your online bookings even more! Take Hoover Dam Scooter Tours for example. They have clear "Book Now" buttons on almost every section of their website, and they have implemented PeekPro for optimized booking.

4. Is it responsive?

According to a study by ED hotels, 80% of their bookings are made on mobile devices. A responsive website means that your site can automatically size itself to whatever screen it is being viewed on. So if your site looks great on a desktop & it's a responsive design, it should shrink down and still look great when being looked at through a phone. If it's not, chances are a visitor who is attempting to view your site on a mobile device will take their business elsewhere.

5. Is what you do clear?

When a visitor first looks at your page, is your business clear in what it does and offers? Your message and what you do should be clear the moment your site loads onto their screen. If they're looking to book an off-road tour, but visit your page and your message is unclear, can you guess what they're going to do? Yep, you guessed it - they're going to go somewhere else. Vegas Rally is a great example of a clear message!

Don't miss out on bookings and grow your business even more by avoiding these 5 simple mistakes! At AAMP Agency, we specialize in website development for destinations, attractions, and tour operators. We know the ins and outs and what it takes to create a beautiful and functioning website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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