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5 Ways To Getting Repeat Visitors On Your Tourism Website

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Once you have captured a website visitors' attention, it is ideal that you get them to come back again! Whether the visitor was doing research for their upcoming trip or if they have already booked a tour, getting them to visit your site more than once is great for your business! Keep reading to learn more about how to get repeat visitors on your tourism website.

1. Have A User-Friendly Site

When a visitor comes to your site, it is imperative that you make a good impression within the first 10 seconds. First, no one likes a site that takes too long to load. Also, make sure to have a high-quality content, clear copy, and that your site is mobile-friendly. If a visitor likes your site the first time they have seen it, then they are more likely to come back again. Check out this blog to learn about things you can do to your site to make it more credible.

2. Utilize Email Lists

When you have a website visitors' email, it is easier to stay in contact and send them reasons to revisit your website. If your site uses an online booking software such as Xola or PeekPRO, it's easier than ever to stay in touch with a site visitor! You can schedule pre-tour emails and post-tour emails. If you have collected emails through your site, you can send them offers, newsletters, or other content to entice them into checking out your site again and hopefully complete a purchase! Check out our previous blog posts on Email marketing to learn more about how to effectively implement this into your marketing strategy.

3. Re-targeting Ads

Have you ever looked at a product online, chose not to purchase it, but then see it pop up on your Facebook newsfeed as an ad? This is what Re-targeting is! You can implement something like this on your own website, and it will help you turn those lookers into bookers!

4. Keep Your Site Updated

Always keep your site up to date! Feature your newest product/tour to show returning visitors your business isn't stagnant. This will show the visitor that it is a unique experience every time they return to your website.

5. Guide Sit Visitors To Your Social Media

By including your social media and even feature it on your site, this allows your visitors to stay in touch. By having social media on your site such as an Instagram plugin, your site visitors get a chance to see your latest photos. Also, by guiding them to your social media they now have a spot to share their content with you. (Read more about user-generated content here).

In order to get repeat visitors to your tourism website, you must first have a site that is worth visiting. At AAMP Agency, we are experts in website development for tour operators, attractions, and destinations. If you are in need of digital marketing help, or just simply have a few questions, feel free to contact us today.

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