5 Ways You Can Improve Your Social Media Campaign

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There are over 2.2 billion active users on Facebook according to a recent Q4 2017 release issued by the company.

Combine that volume with users on other popular social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and collectively, those platforms represent a massive opportunity for your business.

Our team at AAMP Agency have put together this list of 5 ways you can maximize your next social media campaign!

1) Make Sure Your Posts Leverage Call to Actions

When marketing, it's important to take the guesswork out of your message. One of the best ways to do that is by building a strong call-to-action into your next social media campaign.

A call to action can be a number of things. You can ask users to follow your blog, try out a product or service or provide you with their email address.

No matter what it is, make sure you ask your social media followers for something at the end of each post to maximize your social media presence.

2) Make Your Posts Platform Friendly

Each social media platform has a set of best practices. Following them is essential to getting traction.

Consider Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the best platforms when it comes to user engagement. In order to benefit from that platform though, it's suggested that your posts utilize information-rich images that are vertical.

It's also recommended that you enable "rich pins" on your account so your posts can implement important contextual information from the website you're linking to.

All of that to say, it's not a good strategy to take a Facebook post and simply re-post it on Pinterest or another platform.

3) Be Sure Your Posts Provide Value

Social media users are extremely savvy. They can quickly deduce when they're being marketed to VS when companies are trying to organically engage with them.

Make sure you're doing the latter if you want to develop a strong following.

Every post you put on social media should be geared towards your audience and provide them with a legitimate value that makes them want to interact with your post and dig deeper into your attraction.

4) Stay Consistent

Social media is not a one and done marketing solution. In order to get traction, you need to engage consistently.

Note that engaging does not just mean posting your own content. To have a successful social media campaign, look to share other people's posts that provide value to your followers and align with your brand as frequently or more frequently than you share your own content.

5) Set Your Objectives and Visit Them Frequently

As with any marketing medium, it's important that you have goals to determine your campaign's success. Social media can be a cheap way to market so businesses sometimes make the mistake of managing their campaigns haphazardly.

In order to have a successful social media campaign, figure out what you want from it.

How many conversions? How many additional followers? How many shares?

When you have goals, you can adjust your efforts regularly as you assess how close you're coming to meeting them.

Summarizing Boosting Your Next Social Media Campaign

There's tremendous opportunity in social media to promote your business. To get the most out of it, tell readers what you want from them, provide value, be consistent, have objectives, and tailor your message to the platform.

Doing so will lead to success for your next marketing campaign!

If you're looking for a full-service solution for your social media objectives, look no further than AAMP Agency. AAMP can implement all of the tips listed above and more for your company leading to more client leads and boosts in revenue!

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