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How to Increase Social Media Followers for Your Brand

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It is estimated that by 2019, there will be 2.77 billion social media users. Social media has penetrated our everyday lives, taking up most of our free (and not so free) time.

With numbers like that, it's no wonder that most businesses have taken to social media to expand their brand. But when you're just starting out, it can be hard to know how to increase social media followers.

But it's okay! We've created this guide to help walk you through a few of the ways that you can get social media followers.

How to Increase Social Media Followers

1) Follow Legit Accounts

When you follow a relevant account on social media, you often earn yourself a follow back. This helps you to start building a base of people with which you can communicate.

2) Find Quality Influencers

When you are trying to figure out how to increase social media followers, it is especially important that you pay attention to their follow rates. If they are followed by many but only follow a few, that means they are selective about who they follow, and are more likely to be legitimate.

While it's important to have a large social media following, it's almost more important to have a refined one.

3) Lists

There are Twitter and Facebook lists published that can give you a list of people that are great to follow. With Twitter, you can follow that list and receive updates when those accounts post.

3) Groups

Joining communities on Facebook and other like networks lets you pay attention to who is making valuable contributions in your field. Following those contributors is great on its own, but then you also get access to who they follow.

4) Substance

It's important to make sure that your profiles across all of your social media are complete and full of things to offer the community.

You want to be attractive to your visitors' eyes. Give them a reason to follow you, a hook, or a few keywords that will pop up when they plug something into a search.

5) Engage

This is the most important tip we could give you! It is so critical to building your brand and your follower count.

If you want people to pay attention to what you are saying, give them a good reason to. Show up when they show up, comment when they comment. Reach out and be natural with them.

Sharing someone's post and adding a bit about why you're sharing it, tagging and expressing thanks to the original poster, and making yourself known are all equally great ideas to being noticed and followed on social media.

When you're creating your content, you want it to be something that can get reshared. Don't be afraid to express your opinion.

6) ...but not TOO much

You absolutely want to make sure your posts are frequent and relevant. But you don't want to be annoying. On networks like Facebook and Instagram where things on people's dashboards are controlled by an algorithm, post less frequently. Twitter and other real-time applications, it's safe to post more often.

7) Hashtags

If you're on social media enough, you either love or hate hashtags. But the truth is they're very effective at getting the word out to the public.

Make sure you do your research before using a new hashtag. Plug the word into the search function of whatever network you are using and do a little digging. If there are images or posts there you don't want your brand associated with, skip it.

Making It Work

Today's social media-driven world is a hard place to navigate. It can feel overwhelming sometimes trying to figure out how to grow social media. Knowing what trends to look out for and how can be difficult.

Sometimes, when you are trying to create a brand and a business, social media is the last thing you think about. With us, it's the first and only thing we think about.

Contact us today to talk about how to increase social media followers with our program.

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