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How to Magnify Destination Marketing After a Pandemic

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The pandemic brought the tourism industry to a grinding halt and as it begins to open back up, marketers face a unique challenge of bringing people back out to various destinations. A large-scale pause on travel like this is pretty much unprecedented, but we can use clues from the past to figure out the best way to move the destination business forward on a large scale.

Go All In

Now is not the time to hold back on your marketing campaign, if anything it is the time to go all in. That means working to create a marketing campaign that people simply can’t say no to. At this point, most people are tired of being at home and are ready to get out into the world, but there is also a lot of uneasiness. It’s important to appeal to the desire to travel and the opportunity to see more of the world after being stuck inside for several months. Create a marketing strategy that caters to the desire to get out without downplaying the conflicted feelings potential travelers may have on their minds.

Solidify Their Safety

To help travelers get over whatever unease they may be feeling, you need to show them how they will be safe on their travels. Outline the reasons travel is safe and show them how their much-needed break can be accomplished safely. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a decrease in travel and leisure, but now it's time to reset.  It’s more important now than ever before to talk about safety and what you are doing to make travel possible.

Highlight the Potential

Most people haven’t been able to travel at all over the past year, so they may just need a little push in the right direction. Highlight the elements of travel that people have missed the most over these past several months. Even small things like eating in restaurants and seeing the ocean are no longer taken for granted, so highlight these little parts of travel. When you show people the joy of the things that they’ve been missing they will be much more excited to take their first post-pandemic trip.

Travel is just starting to get back up and running and people are excited to getaway after a long and stressful year. If you market it right, you can help people to have trips they are excited about. Everyone needs a break around now and your destination marketing can give it to them. Need help effectively marketing your tour operation, attraction, or destination? Send our experts an email at hey@aamp.agency

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